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Getting Started 

Welcome to SafeChurch, the risk management website for churches sponsored by GuideOne Insurance. We believe you stopped by our site because you want to make your ministry a safer place. We're here to help, so let's begin with a few basics.

GuideOne Insurance Commercial Customers

This website is a value-added, free service for commercial customers of GuideOne Insurance only. For information on becoming a GuideOne customer, please visit Find an Agent search, or contact us at 1-800-747-2154.

Church Registration

This website is structured so that one main contact person at the church, referred to as the "administrator," registers his or her church on the site. Once the church is registered, any number of people from the church may register as well.

To register a church, the administrator will need the church's GuideOne Insurance policy number, policy type, agent number, and the main church telephone number. Policy information is available from the church billing statement or you may contact your insurance agent or broker. Additional registration information for the administrator is available from the Help page on this site.

If your church has not yet obtained a GuideOne Insurance policy number, you may still register the church using your GuideOne quote number that your agent or broker can provide to you. Additional registration information is available from the Help page of this site.

Church Members

If you are a church member or volunteer, and your church's administrator gave you this website address, along with your church "access key" (code), you will need to register as a new user to start using this site. Please follow the registration instructions, which is available from the Help page of this site.

Thank You

Whether you are a member of the church safety team, a vehicle driver, a volunteer or serve some other role in your church, we know you care about providing a safe place for ministry to change lives at your church. We hope that you will enjoy your experience on SafeChurch and will take advantage of the many resources and materials that are available to help make your church a safer place.

If you have questions, please contact us at or call us at 1-800-747-2154.

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