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The SafeChurch training programs are designed to give church workers and volunteers important knowledge about potentially significant safety risks. Each program offers a short video, associated readings mentioned in the video, and a brief test to measure your learning.

Not sure where to start? Consider the following:

  • A fire can destroy your church in minutes.  Under the  Facility Safety category, learn how to protect your church and keep your congregation safe with indoor and outdoor fire safety tips from the risk management experts at SafeChurch.
  • Do you have a Safety Ministry in your church? If not, begin your training with the first training category: Starting a Safety Ministry.
  • Does your church have a children and youth ministry? To assist you in doing everything possible to prevent child sexual abuse from happening in your church, under the Children & Youth Safety category, complete the "ACT to Keep Children's Ministry Safe" training program.
  • Slips and Falls are the number one risk at churches. Have you done all you can to prevent them? Complete the program under the Facility Safety category to find out.
  • Does your church use vans to transport its members? If your answer is yes, you need all drivers to complete the "15-Passenger Van Drivers" training program under the Transportation Safeguards category.

(Need more help to get started? Review instructions for viewing training modules and taking tests.)

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