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Create a Risk/Safety Assessment 

The first step in being able to conduct a risk/safety assessment is to register on this site.

If you're already registered, then the following information will give an overview of the risk/safety assessment tool and the instructions needed to start your first assessment. The assessment tool is broken down into seven (7) different categories, beginning with Starting a Safety Ministry, followed by the remaining categories that are listed using the EFFECT approach. The EFFECT categories and a brief description of each category are listed below:

Starting a Safety Ministry — The "Starting a Safety Ministry" section provides a beginning point for church safety and risk management at your church. Starting with motivating factors for church safety and risk management, this section provides a simple, values-based approach to viewing safety as ministry and undertaking basic steps to get your church on the road to becoming a safer place.

Emergency Preparedness — This category focuses on steps to prepare for emergencies and crises, such as natural disasters, medical emergencies, terrorism or other acts of violence, fire emergencies, and moral or criminal failures of clergy or key leaders.

Facility Safety — This category focuses on steps to keep the church buildings and grounds safe, including heating and air conditioning systems, electrical hazards, baptistery safety, preventing water damage, fire prevention, church kitchen safety, reducing the risk of slips and falls, safeguards for outside groups and contractors, and property crime prevention.

Financial Safeguards — This category focuses on steps to prevent theft, mishandling, and embezzlement of church funds.

Employee and Volunteer Safety — This category focuses on steps to keep workers and volunteers safe and includes physical safety, workers' compensation issues, employment practices safeguards, adult sexual misconduct prevention, board member liability, and the role of church ushers.

Children and Youth Safety — This category focuses on steps to keep children safe from risks, such as child sexual abuse, injuries in the nursery, playgrounds, and during recreational activities. It also addresses the selection and supervision of paid and volunteer children and youth workers.

Transportation Safeguards — This category focuses on steps to address safety in church transportation, including selection and maintenance of vehicles owned by the church, rented or borrowed vehicles, selection of drivers, and occupant safety.

Different risk/safety assessments are provided under each of the EFFECT categories. The assessments contain various questions that will help identify your church's greatest areas of risk. Reports may then be generated that provide risk/safety recommendations designed to help minimize those areas of risk discovered when answering the assessment questions.

Now that you understand the different categories and the overall assessment process, you can begin to create your own assessment. Risk/safety assessment instructions have been developed to help assist you when creating assessments.

Begin creating your assessment.