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Project Plans 

The Project Plan tool was developed to assist churches in managing their safety-related tasks. There are two ways to get started creating a project plan:

  1. Assessment tool generated.
    You can create a project plan when you are using the Risk/Safety Assessments tool. The Project Plan tool was developed to work in association the Assessment tool. For every recommendation that is made as you respond to questions in the assessment section of this site, a corresponding task or tasks will populate a project plan.
  2. Project generated.
    You can also create a project plan outside the Risk/Safety Assessments tool by clicking the Project Management tab at the top of the SafeChurch site.  Choosing this option, either all tasks from the assessment tool with be entered into the project plan or a blank project plan can be created if the General category is selected.

Project Categories

Even though project plans can be created two ways, the structure of the plan development is the same. Just like the Risk/Safety Assessment tool, project plans are divided into seven categories: Starting a Safety Ministry, followed by the six risk categories identified using the EFFECT framework, which you will see within the Assessment Tool and in the Resources section of the SafeChurch site:

  1. Starting a Safety Ministry
  2. Emergency Preparedness
  3. Facility Safety
  4. Financial Safeguards
  5. Employee and Volunteer Safety
  6. Children and Youth Safety
  7. Transportation Safeguards

As you create a project plan, you can use these categories to help you group the risk management goals you have for your church into tasks and subtasks that you can prioritize and to which you can assign due dates and staff.

Project Plan instructions have been developed to assist with utilizing the project plan tool.