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About the Church Access Key 

Once a church is registered on this site, any number of people at the church can access the SafeChurch Web site at no cost by registering using their church's SafeChurch Access Key. The Access Key is a code that was given to the person who first registered the church. This individual is designated as the Church Administrator, and he or she can distribute the church's  Access Key to those individuals who want access to SafeChurch through their church's account.

Therefore, if you know that your church has a SafeChurch account, you can obtain your church's Access Key code from the individual functioning as the administrator for your church's account. If you do not know this individual, please contact SafeChurch Customer Service at either or 1-800-747-2154.

Once you have your church's Access Key code, you can register (join) this site, and take advantage of all the SafeChurch benefits.

  1. To register, under the left Members Logon box, by the Not a Member Yet question, click the Click Here to Join link.
  2. On the initial registration page, select the Join using your church's SafeChurch access key option, and then click the Next button.
  3. Read the SafeChurch User License Agreement; and then click the I accept button.
  4. Enter your church's Access Key provided by your Church Administrator, and continue to enter the information requested to set up your personal account, clicking Next to continue through the steps.
  5. At the end of the registration process, click the Finish button.
    You can now use your new user name and password to log on to the site.